Transform your yard into an urban habitat.

Permaculture is a system of design. It utilizes natural elements such as wind, rain and sun to maximize organic material also called biomass. Our mission is to increase food production for both humans and animals. We improve the amount and variety of habitats available for urban wildlife. We increase the soil’s permeability by amending it with compost, mulch, trees, shrubbery, and grasses.
Improved soil health stabilizes it and minimizes erosion. Permaculture Design specializes in beautifying urban spaces while guiding the owner in the decision process. We focus on increasing habitat thus providing more resources for urban wildlife. We also aid in design of edible gardens and tree species for human consumption.

We design properties of any size with permaculture principles as our guide. We take advantage of the natural elements: sun, precipitation, wind & soil type to maximize the productivity, efficiency & success of our designed elements. Plants thrive with a minimum of inputs or attention, hardscapes stay stable, drainage works in extreme rain events and irrigation preserves precious resources. We aim to design the system to work for a very long time.

After designing your landscape we build it. Years of experience has taught us how to create stable systems with elements that work together.

We also try to make each element perform multiple functions so as to maximize efficiency. Plants, water & paved areas should all flow together and complement one another. We build our systems to last.

We also maintain the systems we install. Usually a permaculture system only needs attention once or twice a year. This insures that inputs, labor & money are all used wisely.

Should your existing landscape need refreshing, we are happy to make it work with your lifestyle. Please drop us a line and let us make your landscape work for you.